Audition Requirements

The following information provides a general guide to the requirements of auditions with COW. Auditionees should refer to the most recent information provided for a specific audition.

Selection Criteria

Auditionees will be cast for a role in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Musical ability
  • Theatrical ability
  • Suitability for a role
  • Potential to learn, develop and benefit from the experience
  • Contribution to the company

Note that COW reserves the right to fill roles from outside of the audition process (e.g. if a suitable person is not found).

Principal Auditions

Auditions for principal roles may include:

  • Performing an aria of own choice
  • Performing a set piece (for a particular role)
  • Demonstrating some simple sight-singing ability
  • Answering questions about background, experience and future goals

Chorus Auditions

Auditions for chorus roles will generally involve:

  • Answering some questions about your background, experience and future goals
  • Singing scales and intervals as directed