Production Requirements

The following requirements apply to members who wish to take part in the production process.


  • Must be a financial member by the first rehearsal
  • Must pay the rehearsal fees for the production (if applicable) by the third rehearsal


  • Be available for the entire production period
  • Attend all rehearsals and performances as called
  • Provide timely warning of any unavoidable absences to the appropriate person
  • If three rehearsals are missed without an apology, a member will be removed from the cast
  • Be punctual and remain at rehearsals as long as required


  • Be available for costume fittings as required
  • Provide own accessories if required, e.g. shoes, gloves, etc
  • Provide own make-up in accordance with the make-up design of the production, if required
  • May be required to alter present hairstyle. Men may be asked to remove their beard and/or moustache


  • Principals are expected to sing with the chorus where practical
  • Volunteer a minimum of five hours to assist in the construction of scenery, organisation of props, bump-in, bump-out, and in any other way which would aid the administration and management of the production
  • Be available for a range of media & publicity events and other promotional activities